Zippy Pakistan


To This Surprising World Of Zippy! As It Is A Privilege That Only A Few Have, We Invite You To Get To Know This Unique And Special Brand.


Upon finding a niche in children fashion, we successfully managed to procure the franchise for Zippy – An innovative Portuguese children’s clothing brand that provides affordable stylish clothing for children. Zippy specializes in designing clothing for babies and infants that serves parents and children from birth to preteen. It offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, childcare products, furniture and toys, at very cost effective rates. Currently Zippy is present in 20 countries with over 100 stores.

Product Retail

In the modern day today, the demand for improvement of quality of life through products that create more utility is ever increasing. The young generation is more interested in convenience based products that can save time in the busy schedules. The convenience must also be innovative to attract the young customers.


Happy Togather

Zippy’s mission is to help parents in their children’s growth with a wide range of products / services (from clothes to nursery items, from 9 to 14 years old), always with good prices and the best quality / price ratio.


A complete brand for the universe of children

A specialist brand for children with a wide range in the universe of children (from clothes to nursery items), with the best value and excellent prices, side by side with parents as their children grow up.


Zippy keeps up with the growth of families, offering a unique and stand-out style to
that kids can feel cool and comfy, and parents are happy and proud. 


Zippy helps with the doubts and expectations encountered during pregnancy, preparing parents for the new life coming their way. A nursery specialist, Zippy is
committed to giving parents and children their best, right from the start.


Zippy’s store concept is based on a strategy of increased proximity to customers, through the introduction of new technologies and interactive screens, and by the implementation of differentiated elements that improve the buying experience, making it enjoyable for both children and parents.

These may include:

  • A set of wall mounted LED Tracks, which shows and interactive sound board
    featuring a cast of new characters that respond to touch with various sounds and
  • A machine were young customers may fill their own balloons with the help of a
    friendly monster;
  • Secret Tunnels that only they are aware to pass through;
  • Playing in a digital playground with other children;


The brand’s internationalization started in 2009, in Spain, where Sonae SR began operating outside Portugal. Today Sonae continues to make a strong commitment in expanding Zippy.

In September 2010, Zippy began its expansion in the Middle East with the opening of stores in Saudi Arabia. June 2011 was the opening of the first Zippy store in Turkey. In July, the brand arrived in Egypt. In August, Zippy opened the first store in Kazakhstan.

In August 2012, Sonae announced the opening of Zippy stores in Lebanon. In October,
was the announcement of Zippy’s entry in Azerbaijan and Dominican Republic. In
November, Sonae opened the first two Zippy stores in Venezuela.

In March 2013, Sonae exported Zippy for the Moroccan market, extending its presence to North Africa. In September 2013, the first Zippy store opened in Jordan and, in October, in Qatar. In 2013 Zippy also started the wholesale channel which currently has over 175 retail outlets worldwide.

In the first quarter of 2014 the brand arrived in Armenia and Kuwait. In the third quarter of 2014, Zippy expanded its activity in Latin America with the opening of the first store in Chile and opened its first store in Georgia, strengthening its presence in the Caucasus.

In March 2015, Sonae opened the first Zippy store in Ecuador under the expansion plan  in Latin America. In May, Zippy opened its first store in Iraq (Kurdistan), expanding the brand’s presence in the Middle East. In September, the brand announced the entry into four new countries of Central America: El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

In July 2018, Sonae opened the first Zippy store in Pakistan under the expansion plan in South East Asia.

Today, ZIPPY operates in over 40 countries across the globe and continues to expand its global presence.